Monday, August 6, 2012

Theme Night: Baby Food

This night was designed to challenge students to grow spiritually, moving from spiritual "Baby Food" on to spiritual "meat".

Challenge: Find out one way you are a “baby” in your faith. Do you have a weak prayer life? Do you need to read more of your Bible, or memorize more? Are you struggling with a certain sin? Tell someone else—you can tell the whole group or pull aside a leader afterwards—and have them keep you accountable for growing in it.

Trivia: Baby Trivia

Message: Milk Vs. Meat (Spiritual Growth)

  • Baby Food Hot Potato: Like Hot Potato, but the student who ends up with the baby food has to take a bite! (Keep a trash can ready for regurgitation, and use separate spoons for each student.)
  • Baby Bottle Burp: Two “parents” put a diaper around their “babies”, then sit them on their lap and feed them a baby bottle of soda (no more than half full), then make them burp. The first baby to burp receives 5 points for their team!
  •  Diapered Relay: Students have to put on a diaper (adult diapers or make-shift , go through an obstacle course crawling like a baby, return to their teammates (still crawling!), pass off the diaper, and so on until the entire team has finished. First team to finish receives 5 points!

Supplies Necessary:
  • Baby food
  • Plastic spoons
  • 1 pack adult diapers (or towels and tape)
  • Soda
  • 2 baby bottles

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