Monday, August 6, 2012

Theme Night: Junk Food

This night was designed to teach students to treat their bodies as a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Challenge: This week, treat your body as a temple by not filling it with junk. Come back next week with a story about how you made your body God’s temple.

Trivia: Fast food

Message: Body is a temple of the Holy Spirit

  • Baby Food Hot Potato
  • Blend-o-Rama: 2 bags of random ingredients are placed in front of 2 students (no allergies, strong stomachs). The students have to blend all ingredients in the bag. The first one to drink the blend without regurgitating wins 10 points for their team.
  • Bobbing for spam: Like bobbing for apples, but with spam
  • Eat That Food: Students bet each other that they can eat a gross combination of foods (up to ten). Example: "I can eat that cracker and a sardine." "I can eat that cracker, a sardine, and a jalapeño." and so on until someone says "Eat that food!" If the one eating manages to finish the food without vomiting, they receive a number of points equal to the number of foods they combined.

Supplies Necessary:
  • Baby food (2 jars, really gross—beets, green beans, peas, etc.)
  • 2 blenders
  • 2 paper bags
  • Random ingredients (yogurt, hot sauce, frozen veggies, candy, etc.) for blending
  • 2 buckets
  • 5 or so cans of spam
  • Lots of random foods (20 or so, all in small amounts) (Ex. Sardines, jalapeños, peanut butter, etc.)

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