Sunday, November 18, 2012

Theme Night: Murder

Purpose: To teach students that we are called by God not only to keep from killing others, but also to keep from holding grudges and being angry

Challenge: Staying angry at someone violates the fifth commandment. This week, find someone you’ve been holding a grudge against and go out of your way to forgive them.

Trivia: Biblical deaths

Message: Holding Grudges and the Fifth Commandment

Bible Texts: 1 John 3:12-16, Exodus 20:13

  •  Mafia
  • Handshake Murder: One person is chosen to be the “murderer”. When the game begins, everyone shakes hands with others. The murderer scratches the hands of those he/she shakes hands with. After a victim’s hand is scratched, they must shake hands with 3 people (more or less depending on number of players) before “dying” (dramatically!). Someone can guess who the murderer is, but if they guess incorrectly, they die as well. Dead victims may not guess. The murderer wants to be as subtle as possible in order to not be caught. The game ends when the murderer is identified or only two people (the murderer and one other) are left standing.
  • Dramatic Death Competition: The students with the most dramatic fake death wins!
Supplies Necessary:
  • Deck of cards

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