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Trivia: Swords in the Word

Well, here's the trivia to accompany theme night: Sword of the Word. Sure to be a hit with the guys, and you'd be surprised to see how many girls really get into the gruesome, gory facts of the Bible.Enjoy!

God's blessings,

1. In Matthew 26, what body part did Jesus’ companion cut off of the high priest’s servant?
  • Hand
  • Ear
  • Foot
  • Head 

2. What happened to the ear of the high priest’s servant?
  •  Jesus reattached it
  • Roman doctors reattached it
  • It was trampled during the mob to capture Jesus
  • It was thrown in Jesus' tomb
3. How many men did Gideon take to attack the Midianites in Judges 7?
  •  5,000
  • 10,000
  • 700
  • 300
4. In Judges 7, what was the dream that Gideon overheard as a reminder that God was with the Israelites?
  •  7 thin cows swallowed 7 fat cows
  • A loaf of bread knocked down the Midianite tent
  • A soldier was trampling a winepress
  • The sun, moon, and stars bowed to Gideon
5. In Luke 22:36, what does Jesus tell his followers to sell to buy a sword?
  •  Their idols
  • Their homes
  • Their cloaks
  • Everything they own
6. In Nehemiah 4, what were the Israelites doing when their enemies plotted to attack them?
  •  Celebrating the Passover
  • Rebuilding the city wall
  • Worshiping false idols
  • Planning to kill Jesus
7. What was the solution to the pending attack?
  •  Half the men worked, half the men guarded
  • They stopped working until the danger had passed
  • They sent a peace offering to the army planning the attack
  • They presented burnt offerings to God for His protection
8. In 1 Samuel 24, David could have killed Saul in a cave. What was Saul doing that David caught him off guard?
  •  Sleeping
  • Celebrating his victory
  • Talking to friends
  • Peeing
9. Rather than killing Saul in 1 Samuel 24, what did David do?
  •  Cut off part of his robe
  • Shaved his head
  • Killed his personal guard
  • Captured him
10. Numbers 1 records the census of every man able to go to war. How old did an Israelite have to be to fight?
  •  Thirty
  • Fifteen
  • Eighteen
  • Twenty
11. In Judges 3, after killing King Eglon, what did Ehud do with the sword?
  •  Burned it in the king's fireplace
  • Left it in the body, closed in by fat
  • Presented it to the Israelites
  • Killed the king's guards
12. What does Hebrew 4:12 compare to a sword?
  •  The Word of God
  • The tongue
  • God's wrath
  • The fate of unrepentant sinners
13. Proverbs 12:18 says what “pierce(s) like a sword”?
  •  Betrayal of a friend
  • God's wrath
  • Rash words
  • The Word of God
14. Why did the Israelites sharpen farm tools as weapons in 1 Samuel 13?
  •  They were peaceful and didn't need weapons until then
  • God had forbidden them from making weapons
  • They weren't allowed to have blacksmiths who might make weapons
  • Weapons were more dangerous for children than farm tools
15. What is the “sword of the Spirit” (Ephesians 6:17)?
  • God's Word
  • Faith
  • Salvation
  • Jesus

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Theme Night: Sports

Hey, folks! I've been thinking, and I decided I've gone a bit overboard with posts the past few days. To compensate (and keep up a decent pace during the semester), I will post one theme night per week. You can expect them Friday or Saturday--unless it's theater time, in which case I'll be busy on weekends. Anyway, here's Sports Night! When this was done at Grass Lake, I got to just sit back and enjoy it--the other leaders seemed to think that a person with no sports background whatsoever shouldn't exactly be leading a sports youth night. ...they were right, of course. Special thanks to Alex Klaehn, Andrew Brazeal, and Matthew Schettler for heading this night up!

Message: Training for the prize

Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 9 (particularly v. 27)

Trivia: Sports
  • Indoor whiffle-ball
  • Who Am I? Sports Style: Write the name of an athlete, sports team, etc. on a piece of paper and place it on the back of each student. Students must then go around the room and ask each other yes or no questions to try to guess what name is on their back.
  • NBA Challenge: This game works best when students are allowed to team up (around tables, for instance) and compete in groups. Hand out a copy of the "NBA Challenge" given below.

    "NBA Challenge

    1. Fish hate getting caught in these.
    2. It doesn't feel good when you do this while shaving.
    3. This team loves numbers.
    4. A prehistoric meat-eater.
    5. Don’t wear red around these guys…
    6. This team could possibly be found in the engine of your a car.
    7. Birds of Prey
    8. You might try to find some shade to avoid this.
    9. Pulling a bunny out of a hat.
    10. Be careful you don't get put under his spell.
    11. Lions, Tigers, and ______, oh my!
    12. Old cowboys wore these on their boots.
    13. You might find these in chicken or gold.
    14. What you might call guys that go into battle.
    15. The earths power supply.
    16. Arthur, Tut, and Nebuchadnezzar.

    Give the student teams about 2 minutes to get as many done as possible. When time is up, grade the groups and award prizes to most correct.


    1. Nets
    2. Knicks
    3. 76ers
    4. Raptors
    5. Bulls
    6. Pistons
    7. Hawks
    8. Heat
    9. Magic
    10. Wizards
    11. Grizzlies
    12. Spurs
    13. Nuggets
    14. Warriors
    15. Suns
    16. Kings"
    • Source:

Funny story...I'd had this all written out last Friday and completely managed to lose it.  It ended up saved in the drafts folder. So lucky us, we get two posts today! Enjoy.

God's blessings,

Theme Night: Sword of the Word

Sitting here watching The Mummy (which is completely unrelated to this post) I started thinking about the difficulty some of our students at Grass Lake have finding Bible passages and recognizing books in the Bible. With that in mind, I hopped on Pinterest and started looking at some youth ministry boards. I linked to some great games from one woman's board, and now we have an entire theme night--probably the easiest one I've planned yet! Hopefully, this will be a great way to get the energy and learning up in the group. Trivia should be up by Saturday night, but for now, enjoy!!!

Purpose: To encourage student familiarity with their Bible, specifically locating passages

Challenge: The Bible says that God’s Word is like a “double-edged sword.” It’s difficult to fight with a sword you’re not familiar with. This week, memorize the books of the Bible for a candy prize next week—one prize for the Old Testament and one prize for the New!

Trivia: Swords and weapons in the Bible

Message: Sword of the Spirit—the Word of God

Scripture Passage: Ephesians 6:10-13, 17


  • Sword Drills:
    • Swords Ready!  You may put down the pages in your Bible before Genesis 1:1 and after Revelation 22:21 (Some Bibles have thick concordances, dictionaries, map sections, etc. and this helps them to only search through the actual Bible.)
    • Thumbs up!  Thumbs must be up off the pages of the Bible so that no one is already opening up their Bible before I say "go."
    • State reference.  At this point I state the reference they are to look up.  If I have a group of kids unfamiliar with Scripture or new to the game, I might give them a hint like, "It's in the Old Testament" or "It's only a few pages long...look toward the end of the New Testament."  The fact that their thumbs are up helps with the fact that there are probably kids who know exactly where to start searching and kind of makes it more of a level playing field.
    • Go!  When I say "Go" they search until they find the Scripture.  I usually repeat the reference a few times while they're searching because they often forget the chapter or verse.  Also, my husband, sister and I will kind of walk around during this part and point kids who are struggling in the right direction (helping them if they're in the wrong testament, past the verse or just don't even know where to begin).
    • Bottoms down.  Bottoms must stay in the chair until their finger is on the verse they were to look up.  If they stand up while moving their finger over the page and searching for the actual verse they have to sit back down.
    • You win!  The first one standing with their finger on the correct verse wins!  Have them read the verse for the group.
  • Bible Books Puzzle: “Someone showed me this story and remarked that there are 20 books of the Bible hidden here. He challenged me to find them. Sure enough they're all here. Still this thing's a lulu; kept me looking so hard for the longest time. Some of you will get bogged down with facts, others are hit by them like they were some kind of revelation or something. You may get in a jam, especially since the names are not capitalized and often leap the spaces between the words. This makes it a real job to find them, but it'll provide a most fascinating few minutes for you. Yes, there are some really easy ones to spot, but don't get the big head, cause truthfully, you'll soon figure that it would take most federal judges and preachers numbers of hours to find them all. I will admit that it usually takes a minister to find one of them and that it is not uncommon for there to be loud lamentations when it is pointed out. One lady says that when she is confronted with puzzles like this, she brews a cup of tea to help her concentrate better, but then, this gal's a real pro! Verbs, nouns, and all that stuff are her thing. See how well you can compete. Relax! There really are twenty names of Bible books in this story. If you fail to find them, there's a penalty. You'll have to fly a kite, sit on a banana, hum the battle hymn of the republic, or hose a dog (a mean one). Get to it!” 
  • Guess the Book:  Lay out 5 Bible Book Cards on a table. Read a Bible verse from one of the books and give a child the chance to guess which book on the table it comes from. Reward the points on the back of the card if the guess was correct. Keep reading verses for the other cards until there are 2 left. Lay out more cards to make it harder.
  • OT/NT Sort: Simply get 2 boxes and label one "Old Testament" and the other "New Testament". Grab 10 or so of the Bible Book Cards and set a timer to 30 seconds. When you say, "Go", give a child the opportunity to correctly sort the cards in their appropriate boxes. For every one he got correct, tally up the points for his team. As the children learn their books better, you will be able to give them more cards to sort.



Thursday, January 17, 2013

Trivia: End Times

This went along with Grass Lake's "Apocalypse" theme youth night, just before the so-called "Mayan apocalypse". It's all about what the apocalyptic literature in the Bible and what the Bible says about the end of the world. Enjoy!

1. Which of the following was not used to describe the horses in Revelation 6?


2. In Revelation 8:11, what is the name of the star that makes the water bitter?


3. What color was the dragon (Satan) that fought Michael and the angels in Revelation 12?


4. Who saw the visions in the book of Revelation? 

5. Where was John when he received the visions recorded in Revelation?


6. How many heads did the beast from the sea have in Revelation 13?


7. Which of the following was not one of the “seven churches in the province of Asia”? 

8. In Matthew 24, what did Jesus say would happen to the temple in Jerusalem?

A.It would remain standing until his return.
B.Another nation would take control of it.
C.It would be completely destroyed.
 D.It would be rebuilt by a new king of Israel.

9.  How will we know Jesus is returning?

A.A prophet will tell us.
B.It will be all over the news
C.An angel will announce it.
D.We will all see him.

10. In Amos 8:11, Amos prophesies that there will be a famine. What will be lacking in this famine?

C.God’s word

11. When will Jesus return?

A.Nobody knows but God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
B.Nobody knows but the Holy Spirit.
C.December 21, 2012
D.Nobody knows but God the Father.

12.  In Revelation 17, what city did the woman on the beast represent?


13. In Revelation 5, who was worthy to open the scroll?

 C.The angel Michael

14. In Revelation 4, which of the following were the living creatures not like?


15. In Revelation 4, what were the four living creatures covered with?


Hope you enjoyed this one. Don't forget to keep a weather eye out for the Bridegroom.
God's blessings!

Trivia: Easter

Here's the smorgasbord of trivia about Easter that I used for Grass Lake youth last Easter. Again a big hit, and it covers secular, church, and scriptural facts. Enjoy!

1. Where did the name “Easter” originate?
A.The Anglo-Saxon goddess of hares and eggs 
B.The Greek word meaning “resurrection”
C.The food eaten by the disciples when they first met Jesus after his resurrection
D.The embalming fluids the women brought to Jesus’s grave on the third day

2. What is a female rabbit called?
B.Nothing special—it’s just a rabbit

3. What is the official Easter flower?

B.Calla lilies
C.White lilies

4. How tall was the biggest Easter egg ever made?

A.50 feet
B.10 feet
C.25 feet
D.5 feet

5. Orthodox Grecians paint their eggs in the color ______ to symbolize ______.
A.Green; new life
B.Purple; royalty
C.Red; the blood of Christ
D.Gold; wealth and prosperity

6. What is the tradition of egg painting called?

7. In what year did jellybeans become an Easter tradition?


8. Who rolled away the stone at Jesus’s tomb?
A.Mary and Joanna
B.Peter and John
C.An angel

9. How many days make up Lent?


10. Who asked for Jesus’s body so they could bury it?

A.His father Joseph
B.The disciple John
C.Mary Magdalene
D.Joseph of Arimathea

11.  What year did the White House egg roll originate?


12. What are the traditional Easter colors?

A.Green and purple
B.Yellow and green
C.Purple and yellow
D.Blue and pink

13. What type of bread is associated with Easter?
A.Hot cross buns
B.Pita bread
C.Sourdough bread
D.Unleavened bread

14.  What percent of Americans eat the ears first on their chocolate bunnies?


15. What was Osterhase?
A.The house in which the first Easter celebration was held
B.The name of the German Easter bunny
C.The orphanage the Easter bunny traditionally went to every year
D.The Easter equivalent of gingerbread houses

I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new!  More to come soon.
God's blessings!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trivia: Disney Origins

This one's a bit different from my normal trivia style, though it was actually the first trivia presentation I made. As it's not just cut-and-dry trivia, I'll include the rules we used on here, also. The first point doesn't count as a clue--it's Of course, you are welcome to tailor this to your group's needs--this worked quite well for the small groups I've presented it to but might not work so well for a group of 100+. Find what fits for your group, and use it as such!

Game host will read out clues at a 3-second interval. Each clue decreases points by one (Ex. One clue=8 points, 2 clues=7 points) .
All questions have a maximum value of 7 or 8 points
Must guess movie title, not name of original story, legend, play, book, etc.
Anyone on the team may guess. Only one guess per team.

The Little Mermaid
This is about a girl named Sirenetta (8 points)
–In love with man living on the seashore (7 points)
–Faced extreme pain with every step (6 points)
–Gave up voice and home to be with man she loved (5 points)
–He married another (4 points)
–To return home, she had to kill him (3 points)
–Rather than kill him, she dove into water to become foam (2 points)
–Became “spirit of the air” (1 point)
  Main character has
–Hat made of bread (8 points)
–Flowered clothing (7 points)
–Wooden shoes (6 points)
–Body part that grows when under stress (5 points)
Goes through adventures such as:
–Working as watchdog for farmer (4 points)
–Causing a snake to literally die of laughter (3 points)
–Being raised by fairy (2 points)
–Learning importance of hard work and responsibility (1 point)
Peter Pan
Inspired by death of author’s older brother (8 points)
About a boy who
–Has all his baby teeth (7 points)
–Wears clothes made of hemp (6 points)
–Friends with girl near his age (5 points)
–Nearly dies drinking poisoned medicine (4 points)
The boy’s enemy
–Went to Eton college (3 points)
–Obsessed with “good form” (2 points)
–Hates boy because he is “cocky” (1 point) 
Pocahontas (1 and 2)
About 11-year-old girl (8 points)
–“Saved” life of someone (7 points)
•Who was captured while scouting (6 points)
•Became adopted brother of the girl (5 points)
–The girl was held hostage by Christians (4 points)
•Captors converted her to Christianity (3 points)
–Married a tobacco planter she met while captive (2 points)
–Died while traveling with husband (1 point)
Snow White
Woman pricked finger and spilled 3 drops of blood on window and snow (8 points)
–Wished for daughter as beautifully colored as blood, snow, and window (7 points)
Daughter was born (6 points)
Daughter later died from poison (5 points)
–Poisoned food fell out of throat as coffin was carried, revived her (4 points)
Girl married (3 points)
Poisoner came to the wedding (2 points)
Poisoner forced to wear iron shoes and dance until she died (1 point)
Pregnant woman craving herb from witch’s garden (8 points)
–Convinces husband to steal some (7 points)
–Husband caught & forced to promise the child to the witch (6 points)
Child falls in love with a prince, becomes engaged (5 points)
Witch discovers girl is pregnant & casts her out (4 points)
In wilderness, girl meets her prince, who was blinded by witch (3 points)
–Girl restores his sight (2 points)
They have twins and return to prince’s kingdom (1 point) 

Beauty and the Beast
Merchant steals rose for his youngest daughter (8 points)
–Owner of rosebush discovers merchant (7 points)
•Forced to send daughter in order to keep his life (6 points)
Owner of rosebush
–Has head of boar, body of man (5 points)
–Proposes to girl every night, who rejects him (4 points)
–Allows girl to return home for one week (3 points)
Girl returns to find him dying (2 points)
–Accepts his proposal, which restores him to life & changes his head to that of a human (1 point)
Robin Hood
Saxon nobleman (8 points)
–Fought in Crusades (7 points)
–Returned home to find lands taken and family killed (6 points)
–Works with group of peasants (5 points)
–Attempts to promote certain ideals often associated with communism (4 points)
•One such ideal: redistribution of wealth (3 points)
–Wanted by king’s steward for his crimes (2 points)
Upon king’s return, nobleman & friends receive full pardon for crimes (1 point) 
Set between 4th and 6th century AD (8 points)
About girl whose name means “Magnolia” (7 points)
–Lives with mother, father, older sister, and younger brother (6 points)
Poem begins with girl weaving (5 points)
Girl leaves home for 12 years (4 points)
After 12-year service to Khan, he asks to repay her (3 points)
She asks for “ten-thousand mile camel” to return home (2 points)
Returns home and is reunited with family (1 point) 
Set in Africa (8 points)
About a British viscount, son of a lord and lady (7 points)
–Raised by Mangani tribe after parents’ death (6 points)
–Very handsome (5 points)
–Learns new languages easily (4 points)
American woman becomes marooned near Mangani tribe (3 points)
–Viscount marries her (2 points)
–They move to England (1 point)

I hope everyone enjoyed this one! Personally, I think this is one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite. So much fun to do! If anything is confusing, don't hesitate to let me know. God's blessings!

Trivia: Christmas

Here is the (quite successful) trivia selection used for my youth group this Christmas youth. It was paired with Gift Night, and was really popular--the students always request that we do trivia, and this was inspired by a particularly difficult test my seventh grade math teacher made us take before Christmas--I had the highest grade in the class at 59%. Mr. McGhee, this one's for you!

1. Who was said to be the first person to decorate a “Christmas tree” for Christmas celebrations?
A.St. Boniface
B.Mark Carr
C.Emperor Constantine
D.Martin Luther

2. What modern-day country was the real St. Nicholas from?

 3. In Israel, where was there snow that first Christmas?

A.Nowhere in Israel
B.Everywhere in Israel
C.Just in Bethlehem
D.Somewhere in Israel

4. When did the wise men come to visit Jesus? 

A.The day he was born
B.The eighth day after he was born, when he was circumcised
C.About a year after his birth
D.When he lived in Egypt

5. How many wise men came to visit Jesus?  

B.No one knows

6. What year was the first celebration of Christmas on December 25?

A.336 AD
B.429 BC
C.429 AD
D.1029 AD

7. What company gave Santa his famous red suit and jolly look in 1921?
A.Haribo Candy

8. What was the original purpose of Boxing Day (the day after Christmas)?
A.Servants would give each other Christmas gifts.
B.Servants would get Christmas gifts from their masters.
C.Townspeople would gather to watch a boxing match.
D.To box up all Christmas ornaments

9. In Germany, what happens to the first person to find the pickle on the Christmas tree?
A.They get to open the first gift
B.They have to eat a piece of fruitcake
C.They get a Christmas cookie
D.They get a Christmas beer

10. What date did the Eastern Orthodox Church establish as the birth of Christ?
A.December 25
B.January 6
C.March 21
D.January 1

11. What happens in Germany on St. Nicholas Day (December 6)?
A.Children get to find the Christmas pickle.
B.Children get candy in their shoes.
C.Christians celebrate the birth of Christ.
D.Everyone fasts in remembrance of St. Nicholas’s death.

12. December 25 was chosen as the date to celebrate Christmas in order to replace what pagan holiday?

13. What is the red in a candy cane said to symbolize?

A.Santa’s red coat
B.God turning the Nile River to blood
C.The blood of the Passover lamb
D.Jesus’ blood

14. What day was Jesus actually born?
A.January 6
B.December 25
C.March 21
D.No one knows

15. What day was Jesus actually born?
A.January 6
B.December 25
C.March 21
D.No one knows

At the end, sometimes I like to break up the rhythm a bit by adding a bonus, tie-breaker, etc. This night's was:



What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Thanks for joining me tonight, everyone! I hope this is a great and practical resource for you over the next year. God's blessings!

Lock-in Ideas: The Princess Bride

Looking for a throw-back to the good ol' days? Here are some great ideas for hosting a Princess Bride-themed lock-in, schedule suggestion and all! You'll have to be creative with the messages and really tailor it to your group, but the order they are demonstrates the order of God's plan for our salvation--God is awesome and far above us, we are dead in sin, God loves us and saves us despite our sin, and out of our love for Him and gratefulness for salvation, we follow His laws.

Feel free to be creative with this, play around with games, snacks, and entertainment, and such. Don't forget to show the movie at the beginning of the night! All the rest of it will fall flat if the students aren't familiar with the movie. And feel free to comment with your results! I'd love to have some feedback.

Purpose: To use the social medium of the movie The Princess Bride to encourage students in their faith and provide an invitation for non-Christian students to accept Christ

Message Ideas
  • Inconceivable! God’s awesome power
  • Mostly Dead: Dead in sin
  • It’s True Love: God’s love for us
  • As You Wish: Following God’s laws
Game Ideas
  • The Fire Swamp Relay: One team member must eat three jalapeƱos (or other fire-like, the next must save Princess Buttercup (Barbie) from the Lightning Sand (bucket of sand), and the final member must pop three ROUS balloons by sitting on them before returning to the finish line
  • Movie trivia
  • Buttercup’s Wedding Dress: Provide teams with supplies such as duct tape, toilet paper, and tinfoil. Allow them a limited amount of time to create Buttercup's wedding dress. Have prizes for most accurate, most creative, etc.
  • A Mighty Duel: A bit safer alternative to a sword-fight, do Princess Bride-themed rock/paper/scissors! Rugen beats Westley (because Rugen operated the torture machine on Westley), Westley beats Inigo (because he won their duel), and Inigo beats Rugen (because he killed Rugen). Rugen's sign is wiggly fingers since he's the 6-fingered man, Westley's sign is hands over his heart, like his love for Buttercup, and Inigo's sign is a finger over his throat ("prepare to die").
  • ROUS tag: Two students (one guy and one girl) are the "ROUS" and must wear a potato sack, crawl/shuffle after pairs of students (Westley and Buttercup) to tag them. Pairs must link arms and not let go or they are 
  • Who Said It?: Play audio clips of memorable (or not-so-memorable, if you prefer a challenge) quotes from the movie, and have teams compete to guess who said each quote.
  • Dead Westley (Sleeping Lions in Princess Bride Theme)
  • Anybody Want a Peanut?: Rhyming competition
  • Miracle Max chocolate pills
  • Peanuts
  • ROUS sandwiches or cupcakes
  • Iocane Powder (pixie sticks)
  • Pretzel swords
  • Perfect Kisses (Hershey’s Kisses)
  • Fire Swamp chip dip (spicy salsa)
·         8:00 Arrive and check in
·         8:15 Split into teams
·         8:30 Choose names and make flags
·         9:00 Watch The Princess Bride
·         11:00 Inconceivable!
·         11:30 Fire Swamp relay race
·         12:00 Snack time
·         12:15 Trivia
·         12:45 Buttercup’s Wedding Dress
·         1:15 A Mighty Duel
·         1:45 Mostly Dead
·         2:00 ROUS Tag
·         2:30 Who Said It?
·         2:45 Dead Westley
·         3:00 It’s True Love
·         3:15 Small groups
·         3:30 Invitation and quiet meditation time
·         3:45 Quiet time (play movie again?), games available
·         6:30 As You Wish
·         7:00 Clean up
·         7:30 Head home

Holiday Theme Night: Egg-stremely Awesome Easter

Purpose: To teach students about the resurrection using the “hook” of their knowledge of the Easter egg

Food for Thought: How does the Easter egg connect to the Easter story?

Trivia: Easter, Eggs, and Easter Eggs

Message: The Easter egg—a symbol of the Resurrection? (For ideas on how to start this, see Source 1.)


  • Egg on a spoon relay
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Egg Chariots: “Everyone pairs up, one person standing in front of the other person who puts their hands on the front person's shoulders. The back person has an egg masking taped to their back. The object of the game is to run around and try to crack other teams' eggs without getting yours cracked. Only the front person can do the cracking. The back person must keep their arms on their teammate's shoulders at all times. Fun stuff.” (Source 2)

  • Eggs—real or plastic
  • Spoons—1 per team
  • Masking tape

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Theme Night: Walking Dead

Purpose: To teach students what it means to be “dead in sin”, invite those students that are not Christians to accept Christ, and encourage those students that have accepted Christ to share their faith with someone who is dead in sin

Challenge: If you’re “the walking dead”, we invite you tonight to receive Jesus in your life and become alive in him! If you’re not dead in sin, you know someone who is. Show them what it means to be alive in Christ this week through your words and actions.

Trivia: Zombie

Message: Dead in sin, alive in Christ


  • Zombie Balloons: One player—the Zombie—will not be given a balloon. All other players will be given one balloon with a piece of string to tie around their ankle. Players are given a 45 second head start to hide from the Zombie. The Zombie is released and has to make other Zombies by popping other players’ balloons. Once a player’s balloon is popped (either accidentally or by a Zombie) they become a Zombie and begin to pop other players’ balloons as well.
  • Zombie Grins: One person is 'IT', and the others must sit or lay as motionless and expressionless zombies. The person who is 'IT' must do whatever they can to make the zombies smile, giggle, or wiggle in any way without touching them! When 'IT' gets a zombie to wiggle, giggle, or smile, that zombie then joins 'IT' in trying to get others to smile, giggle, or wiggle. The last zombie wins!
  • Mafia: Zombie Style