Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Holiday Theme Night: Egg-stremely Awesome Easter

Purpose: To teach students about the resurrection using the “hook” of their knowledge of the Easter egg

Food for Thought: How does the Easter egg connect to the Easter story?

Trivia: Easter, Eggs, and Easter Eggs

Message: The Easter egg—a symbol of the Resurrection? (For ideas on how to start this, see Source 1.)


  • Egg on a spoon relay
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Egg Chariots: “Everyone pairs up, one person standing in front of the other person who puts their hands on the front person's shoulders. The back person has an egg masking taped to their back. The object of the game is to run around and try to crack other teams' eggs without getting yours cracked. Only the front person can do the cracking. The back person must keep their arms on their teammate's shoulders at all times. Fun stuff.” (Source 2)

  • Eggs—real or plastic
  • Spoons—1 per team
  • Masking tape

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