Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lock-in Ideas: The Princess Bride

Looking for a throw-back to the good ol' days? Here are some great ideas for hosting a Princess Bride-themed lock-in, schedule suggestion and all! You'll have to be creative with the messages and really tailor it to your group, but the order they are demonstrates the order of God's plan for our salvation--God is awesome and far above us, we are dead in sin, God loves us and saves us despite our sin, and out of our love for Him and gratefulness for salvation, we follow His laws.

Feel free to be creative with this, play around with games, snacks, and entertainment, and such. Don't forget to show the movie at the beginning of the night! All the rest of it will fall flat if the students aren't familiar with the movie. And feel free to comment with your results! I'd love to have some feedback.

Purpose: To use the social medium of the movie The Princess Bride to encourage students in their faith and provide an invitation for non-Christian students to accept Christ

Message Ideas
  • Inconceivable! God’s awesome power
  • Mostly Dead: Dead in sin
  • It’s True Love: God’s love for us
  • As You Wish: Following God’s laws
Game Ideas
  • The Fire Swamp Relay: One team member must eat three jalapeƱos (or other fire-like, the next must save Princess Buttercup (Barbie) from the Lightning Sand (bucket of sand), and the final member must pop three ROUS balloons by sitting on them before returning to the finish line
  • Movie trivia
  • Buttercup’s Wedding Dress: Provide teams with supplies such as duct tape, toilet paper, and tinfoil. Allow them a limited amount of time to create Buttercup's wedding dress. Have prizes for most accurate, most creative, etc.
  • A Mighty Duel: A bit safer alternative to a sword-fight, do Princess Bride-themed rock/paper/scissors! Rugen beats Westley (because Rugen operated the torture machine on Westley), Westley beats Inigo (because he won their duel), and Inigo beats Rugen (because he killed Rugen). Rugen's sign is wiggly fingers since he's the 6-fingered man, Westley's sign is hands over his heart, like his love for Buttercup, and Inigo's sign is a finger over his throat ("prepare to die").
  • ROUS tag: Two students (one guy and one girl) are the "ROUS" and must wear a potato sack, crawl/shuffle after pairs of students (Westley and Buttercup) to tag them. Pairs must link arms and not let go or they are 
  • Who Said It?: Play audio clips of memorable (or not-so-memorable, if you prefer a challenge) quotes from the movie, and have teams compete to guess who said each quote.
  • Dead Westley (Sleeping Lions in Princess Bride Theme)
  • Anybody Want a Peanut?: Rhyming competition
  • Miracle Max chocolate pills
  • Peanuts
  • ROUS sandwiches or cupcakes
  • Iocane Powder (pixie sticks)
  • Pretzel swords
  • Perfect Kisses (Hershey’s Kisses)
  • Fire Swamp chip dip (spicy salsa)
·         8:00 Arrive and check in
·         8:15 Split into teams
·         8:30 Choose names and make flags
·         9:00 Watch The Princess Bride
·         11:00 Inconceivable!
·         11:30 Fire Swamp relay race
·         12:00 Snack time
·         12:15 Trivia
·         12:45 Buttercup’s Wedding Dress
·         1:15 A Mighty Duel
·         1:45 Mostly Dead
·         2:00 ROUS Tag
·         2:30 Who Said It?
·         2:45 Dead Westley
·         3:00 It’s True Love
·         3:15 Small groups
·         3:30 Invitation and quiet meditation time
·         3:45 Quiet time (play movie again?), games available
·         6:30 As You Wish
·         7:00 Clean up
·         7:30 Head home

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