Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Theme Night: Apocalypse

                                                    A little background on this one:

I had been thinking a few months ago about the end of the Mayan calendar and how, ridiculous though it might seem to some, some students may start to think about what the end of the world might really be like, if it could happen, how it could happen, and when it could happen. I wrote this theme with that in mind, and it can be used to combat teachings by false prophets, shown after an evening of watching a show such as Doomsday Preppers (I have not personally watched the show and can give no recommendation. Use caution and common sense, review all videos before showing, and if necessary, get written parental consent.), or just because the apocalypse is an engaging and mind-boggling topic for discussion!

Purpose: To teach students to prepare for the end of the world without trying to guess when it will happen

Food for Thought: What can you do today to prepare for Christ’s return?

Trivia: Biblical eschatology

Message: “No one knows the day or hour”—discussing 2012 and other end time predictions


  • End of the World: Make a large circle with the rope on the floor and have the whole group stand in the center of the circle. Pull the ends of the rope to make the circle grow smaller. The group must try to survive for as long as possible. Make a rule of no pushing. Teamwork is the key. A person is out when they step over the rope.
  • Signs: To introduce this game, explain that (to go with the end of the world theme) God said there would be signs to tell us when the end was near. Everyone comes up with a sign for themselves (scratch your cheek, flip hair, etc.). Go around and demonstrate your sign for the group. Then you have to silently pass your sign along without the designated person in the middle catching you doing the sign. You pass the sign by doing first your sign, then another person's. You continue to do the other person's sign until they see you, and pass it on again. You have to watch carefully as the sign can move quickly. If they tap you before you pass the sign, you are in the middle.
  • Pin the Tail on the Horseman
  • Blind Leading the Blind: Set the stage for this game by explaining that people who predict the end of the world (like Harold Camping) are like the blind leading the blind. You need a motioner or team, a spokesman, and a blindfolded person. The blindfolded person has a selected task is put on a field. The team faces away from the field and is not allowed to turn around to look at the field. The motioner/team stands in front of the spokesman, looking at the field, but the team is not allowed to talk. Through motions the team must try to get the spokesman (who can't see the field) to yell to the blindfolded person and explain what to do. The leader has previously set up some task (i.e. go pick up a ball, bring it to a bucket, and put it in) and has told the team what the blindfolded person needs to accomplish.

Supplies Needed:

  • Ball per team
  • Bucket
  • Horsemen pictures (no tail)
  • Tails for horsemen

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