Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Theme Night: Sports

Hey, folks! I've been thinking, and I decided I've gone a bit overboard with posts the past few days. To compensate (and keep up a decent pace during the semester), I will post one theme night per week. You can expect them Friday or Saturday--unless it's theater time, in which case I'll be busy on weekends. Anyway, here's Sports Night! When this was done at Grass Lake, I got to just sit back and enjoy it--the other leaders seemed to think that a person with no sports background whatsoever shouldn't exactly be leading a sports youth night. ...they were right, of course. Special thanks to Alex Klaehn, Andrew Brazeal, and Matthew Schettler for heading this night up!

Message: Training for the prize

Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 9 (particularly v. 27)

Trivia: Sports
  • Indoor whiffle-ball
  • Who Am I? Sports Style: Write the name of an athlete, sports team, etc. on a piece of paper and place it on the back of each student. Students must then go around the room and ask each other yes or no questions to try to guess what name is on their back.
  • NBA Challenge: This game works best when students are allowed to team up (around tables, for instance) and compete in groups. Hand out a copy of the "NBA Challenge" given below.

    "NBA Challenge

    1. Fish hate getting caught in these.
    2. It doesn't feel good when you do this while shaving.
    3. This team loves numbers.
    4. A prehistoric meat-eater.
    5. Don’t wear red around these guys…
    6. This team could possibly be found in the engine of your a car.
    7. Birds of Prey
    8. You might try to find some shade to avoid this.
    9. Pulling a bunny out of a hat.
    10. Be careful you don't get put under his spell.
    11. Lions, Tigers, and ______, oh my!
    12. Old cowboys wore these on their boots.
    13. You might find these in chicken or gold.
    14. What you might call guys that go into battle.
    15. The earths power supply.
    16. Arthur, Tut, and Nebuchadnezzar.

    Give the student teams about 2 minutes to get as many done as possible. When time is up, grade the groups and award prizes to most correct.


    1. Nets
    2. Knicks
    3. 76ers
    4. Raptors
    5. Bulls
    6. Pistons
    7. Hawks
    8. Heat
    9. Magic
    10. Wizards
    11. Grizzlies
    12. Spurs
    13. Nuggets
    14. Warriors
    15. Suns
    16. Kings"
    • Source:

Funny story...I'd had this all written out last Friday and completely managed to lose it.  It ended up saved in the drafts folder. So lucky us, we get two posts today! Enjoy.

God's blessings,

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