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Trivia: Disney Origins

This one's a bit different from my normal trivia style, though it was actually the first trivia presentation I made. As it's not just cut-and-dry trivia, I'll include the rules we used on here, also. The first point doesn't count as a clue--it's Of course, you are welcome to tailor this to your group's needs--this worked quite well for the small groups I've presented it to but might not work so well for a group of 100+. Find what fits for your group, and use it as such!

Game host will read out clues at a 3-second interval. Each clue decreases points by one (Ex. One clue=8 points, 2 clues=7 points) .
All questions have a maximum value of 7 or 8 points
Must guess movie title, not name of original story, legend, play, book, etc.
Anyone on the team may guess. Only one guess per team.

The Little Mermaid
This is about a girl named Sirenetta (8 points)
–In love with man living on the seashore (7 points)
–Faced extreme pain with every step (6 points)
–Gave up voice and home to be with man she loved (5 points)
–He married another (4 points)
–To return home, she had to kill him (3 points)
–Rather than kill him, she dove into water to become foam (2 points)
–Became “spirit of the air” (1 point)
  Main character has
–Hat made of bread (8 points)
–Flowered clothing (7 points)
–Wooden shoes (6 points)
–Body part that grows when under stress (5 points)
Goes through adventures such as:
–Working as watchdog for farmer (4 points)
–Causing a snake to literally die of laughter (3 points)
–Being raised by fairy (2 points)
–Learning importance of hard work and responsibility (1 point)
Peter Pan
Inspired by death of author’s older brother (8 points)
About a boy who
–Has all his baby teeth (7 points)
–Wears clothes made of hemp (6 points)
–Friends with girl near his age (5 points)
–Nearly dies drinking poisoned medicine (4 points)
The boy’s enemy
–Went to Eton college (3 points)
–Obsessed with “good form” (2 points)
–Hates boy because he is “cocky” (1 point) 
Pocahontas (1 and 2)
About 11-year-old girl (8 points)
–“Saved” life of someone (7 points)
•Who was captured while scouting (6 points)
•Became adopted brother of the girl (5 points)
–The girl was held hostage by Christians (4 points)
•Captors converted her to Christianity (3 points)
–Married a tobacco planter she met while captive (2 points)
–Died while traveling with husband (1 point)
Snow White
Woman pricked finger and spilled 3 drops of blood on window and snow (8 points)
–Wished for daughter as beautifully colored as blood, snow, and window (7 points)
Daughter was born (6 points)
Daughter later died from poison (5 points)
–Poisoned food fell out of throat as coffin was carried, revived her (4 points)
Girl married (3 points)
Poisoner came to the wedding (2 points)
Poisoner forced to wear iron shoes and dance until she died (1 point)
Pregnant woman craving herb from witch’s garden (8 points)
–Convinces husband to steal some (7 points)
–Husband caught & forced to promise the child to the witch (6 points)
Child falls in love with a prince, becomes engaged (5 points)
Witch discovers girl is pregnant & casts her out (4 points)
In wilderness, girl meets her prince, who was blinded by witch (3 points)
–Girl restores his sight (2 points)
They have twins and return to prince’s kingdom (1 point) 

Beauty and the Beast
Merchant steals rose for his youngest daughter (8 points)
–Owner of rosebush discovers merchant (7 points)
•Forced to send daughter in order to keep his life (6 points)
Owner of rosebush
–Has head of boar, body of man (5 points)
–Proposes to girl every night, who rejects him (4 points)
–Allows girl to return home for one week (3 points)
Girl returns to find him dying (2 points)
–Accepts his proposal, which restores him to life & changes his head to that of a human (1 point)
Robin Hood
Saxon nobleman (8 points)
–Fought in Crusades (7 points)
–Returned home to find lands taken and family killed (6 points)
–Works with group of peasants (5 points)
–Attempts to promote certain ideals often associated with communism (4 points)
•One such ideal: redistribution of wealth (3 points)
–Wanted by king’s steward for his crimes (2 points)
Upon king’s return, nobleman & friends receive full pardon for crimes (1 point) 
Set between 4th and 6th century AD (8 points)
About girl whose name means “Magnolia” (7 points)
–Lives with mother, father, older sister, and younger brother (6 points)
Poem begins with girl weaving (5 points)
Girl leaves home for 12 years (4 points)
After 12-year service to Khan, he asks to repay her (3 points)
She asks for “ten-thousand mile camel” to return home (2 points)
Returns home and is reunited with family (1 point) 
Set in Africa (8 points)
About a British viscount, son of a lord and lady (7 points)
–Raised by Mangani tribe after parents’ death (6 points)
–Very handsome (5 points)
–Learns new languages easily (4 points)
American woman becomes marooned near Mangani tribe (3 points)
–Viscount marries her (2 points)
–They move to England (1 point)

I hope everyone enjoyed this one! Personally, I think this is one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite. So much fun to do! If anything is confusing, don't hesitate to let me know. God's blessings!

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