Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trivia: Gross Bible Facts

   1.     King Eglon, a Moabite king known for his gluttony, was so fat his stomach almost completely covered the ______ with which he was killed. (Judges 3:21-25)
a.     Sword
b.     Arrow
c.      Hammer
d.     Donkey’s jawbone
   2.     What was the sign of God’s covenant with Abraham? (Genesis 15)
a.     Fire traveling between halves of dead animals
b.     The Star of David found in a sheep’s intestines
c.      A river turning to blood
d.     Maggots covering the lands of his enemies
   3.     Aside from King Eglon’s death, what else was caused by Ehud stabbing him? (Judges 3:21-25)
a.      Vomiting
b.     His guards were splattered in guts
c.      His room was splattered in blood
d.     Diarrhea
   4.     What type of corpse did Samson take and eat honey from? (Judges 14)
a.      Human
b.     Lion
c.      Dove
d.     Sheep
    5.     What did God promise to spread on the faces of the priests if they would not honor Him? (Malachi 2:3)
a.      The blood of their false sacrifices
b.     Dirt
c.      Dung
d.     Leprosy
    6.     When Samson was captured by the Philistines, what was one of the things they did to humiliate him? (Judges 16:21)
a.      Dressed him like a king
b.     Gouged out his eyes
c.      Hit him with a donkey’s jawbone
d.     Fed him raw meat
    7.     What did God tell Ezekiel to use as firewood to cook his food? (Ezekiel 4:9-15)
a.      Animal skins
b.     Human bones
c.      Animal bones
d.     Human dung
    8.     What did Job do when he was covered in painful sores? (Job 2:8)
a.      Lick them like a dog
b.     Cover them in oil
c.      Pick the scabs off of them
d.     Scrape them with pottery pieces
    9.     What does this verse compare a fool to? (Proverbs 31:6)
a.      A baby wetting itself
b.     A child eating bugs
c.      A dog eating its vomit
d.     A cat licking itself clean
    10. What was John the Baptist’s food of choice? (Matthew 3:4)
a.      Scorpions and milk
b.     Decaying fruit
c.      Locusts and honey
d.     Whatever he could find
    11. A man following Jesus on the night He was arrested ran from the scene naked. Who do Bible scholars think this man was? (Mark 14:51-52)
a.      Jesus’ older brother Joshua
b.     Eutychus, the same youth who later fell out a window and died
c.      John Mark, the writer of the gospel of Mark
d.     Nicodemus, the religious leader
    12. What happened in the Field of Blood? (Acts 1:18)
a.      David’s son Absalom was stabbed
b.     Judas fell and spilled his intestines
c.      Peter was crucified
d.     Jesus was buried in a cave in the field

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