Saturday, March 23, 2013

Holy Week Trivia!

Why do we call the Sunday before Easter “Palm Sunday”?

A.Jesus had nails put in his palms at the crucifixion

B.The people put palm branches on the ground when Jesus entered Jerusalem

C.Jesus’ cross was made of palm trees

D.“Palm” is the Greek word for “entrance”, and Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday
What type of animal did Jesus ride into Jerusalem?




What Jewish holiday was being celebrated the day before the crucifixion?

B.Yom Kippur

C.Rosh Hashanah


How many pieces of silver was Judas paid for betraying Jesus?




What was the name of the man who was forced to carry the cross of Jesus?




How long did the darkness last after Jesus died?
A.One day

B.Three hours

C.Seven hours

D.Three days

What two men helped prepare Jesus body for burial?
A.His father Joseph and his brother James

B.James and John, sons of Zebedee

C.Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus

D.Bartholomew and Levi

Which of the following did not happen when Jesus died?
A.The temple curtain was torn in two

B.There was an earthquake

C.Saints were raised to life

D.The area went dark

E.The prison doors flew open

Who was the first person to see Jesus after he was resurrected?

B.Mary Magdalene

C.His mother Mary

D.The disciple John

How did Judas tell the soldiers who Jesus was?
A.Described him

B.Pointed at him

C.Kissed him

D.He didn’t have to

When the soldiers arrested Jesus, one of the disciples pulled out a sword. What did he do with it?
A.Killed Judas

B.Cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant

C.Killed the high priest’s servant

D.Cut off the high priest’s ear

Which of the disciples betrayed Jesus to the soldiers?
A.James son of Alphaeus

B.James son of Zebedee

C.Judas Iscariot

D.Judas son of James

What was the name of the man released when Jesus was sentenced to crucifixion?




How many people did Jesus appear to after his resurrection?
A.At least 500




Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patty's Trivia!

Who was St. Patrick?

A.The Irish equivalent of Santa Claus

B.A monk who took the Gospel to Ireland

C.A biologist who introduced the shamrock to Ireland

D.The inventor of ale

In legends, what was St. Patrick credited with doing?

A.Driving all the snakes from Ireland

B.Developing an Irish school system

C.Teaching the natives English

D.Explaining how the shamrock was a god

What event is St. Patrick’s Day the anniversary of?
A.St. Patrick’s birth

B.The day St. Patrick arrived in Ireland

C.The day St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland

D.St. Patrick’s death

Where was St. Patrick born?





What type of mythical creature is a leprechaun?

A.An imp

B.A goblin

C.A fairy

D.A gnome

What is the Blarney Stone?

A.A stone once sat on by a giant purple dinosaur

B.The foundation stone from the first Irish church

C.A castle stone said to give powers to those who kiss it

D.The monument to St. Patrick’s birthplace

What power can you get from kissing the Blarney Stone?
A.Making someone fall in love with you

B.Good speech

C.The ability to see leprechauns


In what year did St. Patrick die?
A.36 AD

B.461 AD

C.36 BC

D.1437 AD

What city celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by coloring a river green?
A.London, England

B.Dublin, Ireland

C.Chicago, Illinois (USA)

D.Springfield, Missouri (USA)

What does the color green symbolize in Ireland?

B.The Holy Trinity—God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

C.The end of the potato famine

D.St. Patrick

What colors are on the Irish flag?
A.Red, white, and green

B.Green, orange, and white

C.Just green

D.Black, blue, and white

What job does a leprechaun usually have?



D.Barrel maker

What can you get if you catch a leprechaun?
A.The Blarney Stone

B.A wife

C.His treasure

D.3 wishes

What was St. Patrick’s birth name?
A.Maewyn Succat

B.Arthur Smith

C.Patrick O’Malley

D.Larry Finnigan

How long did St. Patrick minister in Ireland?
A.30 years

B.10 years

C.His entire life

D.6 months

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Resource Review: Parental Book Reviews

I thought this week I'd do something a bit different, and as I was pinning (I'll admit it, I'm a Pin-a-holic--addicted to Pinterest) I stumbled on a link of a link to this website--Parental Book Reviews. It takes books for children, teens, and young adults and reviews them in regards to intended audience, sexual content, language, and other "notables"--circumstances or situations in the books that should be noted.

Now, I'm only twenty, so teen and young adult books still really appeal to me, but I wish I'd known about this site even when I was in middle school. A lot of times I've stumbled onto books that I should not have read even as an adult, because I didn't know what was in the book. For example, Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr was a book strong in sexual content, language, drugs and alcohol, and general violence and cruelty. Knowing about this site could have saved me the temptation and trouble of reading this. For a review from the site, see

It is to be noted, of course, that this is not a distinctly Christian site, and it is reviewed by volunteers. Some reviews acknowledge a problem with witchcraft, magic, etc. within the books, while others presume that readers of the review naturally do not have a problem with it.

The book list contained many of the most popular books currently in the youth culture--everything from Harry Potter to Twilight to Percy Jackson--and while the list is still relatively short, I'm confident that it will continue to grow and be a great source for children, teens, and adults to hold themselves and one another accountable in their reading material. I highly recommend that everyone explore this source and use it in their personal and professional lives and ministries.

God's blessings,
Dakotah Marie

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Theme Night: Blindness

Text: 2 Corinthians 4:2-5

Trivia: Eyesight

Message: Spiritual blindness


  • Blind Volleyball: Like normal volleyball, but a sheet is placed over the net so teams cannot see each other
  • Blind Relay: One student is blindfolded and his/her partner must lead him through an obstacle course by words only.
  • Blind Walk: Students take turns leading each other around the campus while one is blindfolded
  • Hot Dog Catch: Bring three guys up front and somehow attach 32 oz. cups around their necks. Put three blindfolded girls in the back of the room (or a good distance away if you're in a large room) and give each of them a dozen hot dogs each. The girls throw the dogs to the guys who catch them in their cups without using their hands. If you're playing for points, you can give extra points if they bank the dog off the guy's face.
  • Human Ring Toss: You have two teams of three. One person is the "thrower" and stands on stage blindfolded. The second person is the "peg", standing on a chair in the middle of the audience. The third person is the "director", and retrieves the rings (hula-hoops) and gives directions to the thrower (throw higher, more left, etc.).

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Theme Night: Space and Creation

Memory Verse: For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. Colossians 1:16

Trivia: Creation and outer space

Message: Creation


  • Energy Pass
  • Would You Rather…
    • Go to outer space or meet an alien on earth?
    • Witness creation or the crucifixion?
    • Explore outer space or the ocean?
    • Discover a new species on earth or life on another planet?
    • Live on Mercury or Pluto?
    • Visit the moon or another planet?
    • Be in Star Wars or Star Trek?
    • See a real Pokemon or a real alien?
    • Explore Area 51 or spend the day with the Men in Black?
    • Find out you were an alien or be kidnapped by aliens?
    • Be the first person to visit another planet or discover a new planet?
    • Meet the first man in space or the first man on the moon?
    • Other space/creation related questions
  • Mars Memory: Have everyone sit in a circle and select one player to go first. That player must say "I am going to Mars and I am going to take a ___." If he says "Toothbrush," the next player must say "I am going to Mars and I am going to take a toothbrush and a ___." Each player must repeat all the items in front of his/her in the correct order and add his/her own item to take to the moon. If a player cannot remember the correct order or an item, s/he is out of the game. The last player to remember all the items in the correct order wins the game.