Thursday, March 7, 2013

Theme Night: Blindness

Text: 2 Corinthians 4:2-5

Trivia: Eyesight

Message: Spiritual blindness


  • Blind Volleyball: Like normal volleyball, but a sheet is placed over the net so teams cannot see each other
  • Blind Relay: One student is blindfolded and his/her partner must lead him through an obstacle course by words only.
  • Blind Walk: Students take turns leading each other around the campus while one is blindfolded
  • Hot Dog Catch: Bring three guys up front and somehow attach 32 oz. cups around their necks. Put three blindfolded girls in the back of the room (or a good distance away if you're in a large room) and give each of them a dozen hot dogs each. The girls throw the dogs to the guys who catch them in their cups without using their hands. If you're playing for points, you can give extra points if they bank the dog off the guy's face.
  • Human Ring Toss: You have two teams of three. One person is the "thrower" and stands on stage blindfolded. The second person is the "peg", standing on a chair in the middle of the audience. The third person is the "director", and retrieves the rings (hula-hoops) and gives directions to the thrower (throw higher, more left, etc.).

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