Thursday, May 9, 2013 Resource Review

This is a review of the website I looked at some of the strengths, weaknesses, and best take-aways, as well as what the background of the website is. If you would like to look at the website itself, all underlined points are the categories in which the information may be found. Hopefully this will be helpful in making you aware of a new youth ministry resource and how to use it. God's blessings!
Website Background: About Us
·         Nonprofit organization
·         Begun 1999 as
·         Run by Jonathan McKee
o   Founder and president
o   Author of numerous youth ministry and parenting books
o   Speaks and trains at conferences
o   Frequently writes articles for websites such as
·         Logistical Crud: Completely free printables, including permission forms, fundraising forms, leadership/staff applications and interview guides, etc.
·         Games and Icebreakers: Games and how to lead them
o   Suggested by other youth leaders
o   Easily navigable
·         Free Training Tools/Videos: articles for how to connect to teens, navigating church politics/logistics, maximize ministry
·         Music Discussion, Movie Discussions, Youtube Discussion Starters, Talks/Sermons, etc. had moralistic rather than Law/Gospel oriented or Christological focus
·         Slang Dictionary records terms not frequently used by youth (possibly excepting inner city youth)
·         Religious or denominational affiliation not made clear, so no ties to a specific theology or teaching
·         Movie reviews can help determine whether or not to see movie and recommend to students, questions can provoke discussion on meaning behind movie
·         Games and events helpful for planning, can be tailored to group needs
·         Printable forms such as permission forms, guidelines/procedures, staff/volunteer applications, etc.
Rating: ⋆⋆⋆⋆ (4/5 stars)
Overall, this is a strong free website for youth leaders needing supplemental resources for planning, organization, logistics, advice, etc.

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