Friday, September 12, 2014

Participation in Worship: for your family member with special needs

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to share a resource I recently created for my internship church, St. John Lutheran in Berlin, WI. This is a guide to participation in worship for families with special needs members. Feel free to edit it for use as needed!

God's blessings,

Dakotah Gumm

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me.”
Matthew 18:5
Before worship
Take advantage of the Divine Service supports (available upon request. To see these, ask an usher before the service)
·         Guide to writing sermon notes
·         Sermon listening guide (sermon notes)
·         What Do I See in Church? A guide to parts of the sanctuary
·         Simplified order of service (with pictures)
·         Large print LSB/hymnal
Talk about church through the week to prepare.
Make church attendance part of your regular schedule. This will help to minimize upset at schedule changes.
Discuss appropriate behavior during the service (being quiet, paying attention, etc.).
Practice the creeds and Lord’s Prayer so your family member is familiar with it.
During worship
Encourage your family member to take sermon notes.
Encourage your family member to sing along with all the hymns and parts of the service they know.
Ask your family member to make mark on their bulletin every time they hear a word such as
·         Jesus
·         Sin
·         Forgiveness
·         Grace
After worship
Talk about what you learned during the service.
Affirm your family member for their positive behavior.

Pray and do daily devotions together during the week.

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