Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Recommended Post: Christians, Stop Staying Pure Until Marriage

Photo Credit: Captured by Kathy K
For those who anxiously await my weekly posts, I'd like to share something to tide you over until I get the next post up. This was written by a young woman named Sarah over at Tumblr, and it sums up my views of purity and marital sexuality perfectly.

As anyone would be, I was hesitant when I came across the title, but it was shared by a Christian friend and former classmate of mine, so I assumed it was at least relevant to my understanding of and belief in purity. I was happily surprised when I found out just how convicting and uplifting the post was...

But if you want to know more, I'll let you read it yourself. Head over, check it out, and let her know Dakotah sent you!

Christians, Stop Staying Pure Until Marriage by Sarah

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