Monday, January 26, 2015

Supports for Children in Worship

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If you read my post Walking the Christian Life, you may have noticed that I consider it vital for people of all ages to be in corporate worship. Today I'd like to share some resources for children that can enhance their understanding and participation in the service. Some of these were mentioned in the previous post Participation in Worship: for your family member with special needs.

Parts of the sanctuary

Understanding what different parts of the sanctuary are can help your child better follow along with the service. You may wish to remake this particular support with pictures from your own congregation, which you are welcome to do, but make sure that you cover all the main parts of the sanctuary, especially those that are used during the Divine Service.

Simplified order of service based on the Divine Service

Young children may be confused as to what is happening in a liturgical service. This simplified order of service can help them understand what the parts of the service are about.

Sermon guide for younger children

For children that are old enough to read but would not be able to write full sermon notes, this sermon notes guide can help them focus on the sermon. When key words are mentioned in the sermon, they can make a tally mark in the box for that word. If a word is used that they do not understand, they can write that down to ask about later. They also can draw a picture based on the sermon. For example, if the sermon text is the story of the prodigal son, they can draw a picture of the father embracing the son, or the son feeding the pigs.

Sermon guide for older children

Older children can take more comprehensive notes than younger children, so this sermon notes guide helps them to follow the sermon as the pastor covers Law (sin) and Gospel (grace). They also have a section to think about their response to the Law and Gospel, as well as a section to write down words they did not understand so they can look the words up later.

Please feel free to take any or all of these supports and use them or edit them in whatever way works best for your family.

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