Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Updates for March

News, news, and more news! Bad for the blog, good for life. Some of this you may already know, but I'll just go over everything big that's happening so far..

My husband will be leaving his current teaching job at the end of this school year, so we are looking for a new job! He is applying to teaching positions throughout the Midwest, and I am looking for a job in the realm of family life. Because we're on a bit of a time crunch (less than 3 months until his employment ends), we're both looking for jobs. We will probably have one of us stay home with the baby (and possibly work part time) while the other works full time.

While we search for jobs, we're also in another time crunch: our baby is due in 6 1/2 weeks! This weekend two baby showers were hosted for us (one a complete surprise!). I'm spending the week trying to catch up on all the thank you cards--we were overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends, family, and church family.

Speaking of generosity, we have had the greatest blessing! Some members from our congregation (where I did my internship and where my husband works) collected a grant for me to finish my final class for graduation! I started that last week, and I am now buckling down to finish this self-paced course before the baby arrives.

As you can see, between the job applications, thank you cards, homework, and baby prep, life has gone wild here. I'll be taking some time off the blog to catch up on things here, but hopefully within the next week or two things will tone down and I can get back to posting. (I'd like to have some advance posts prepped, also, for when the baby arrives, so we don't end up with a summer-long hiatus.)

I apologize for the temporary break in posts, but while you wait, please check out the blogs linked on the side of my page! There are some great resources there for family life, sexuality, and faith. And if you have any questions I am still available for contact on the Facebook page (which you can also find linked to on the side of this page). Thank you for your patience and understanding, and God's blessings!

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