Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Words! Means of Grace Event

Adaptable for the whole family, this event is part 3 of my Means of Grace planning series! The final topic: Words!

Objective: To teach the concept that the words of Holy Scripture are a means of grace through an intergenerational event themed around words

Advertising: Use the same tips as in event 1, Just Water? Promotion for this event could say, "When are words more than just words? Why do we believe words are a way God offers His grace to us? What's with that big Book of His, anyway? Join us to find out these answers and more!"

Games and Activities: As with the other two events, any games or activities based around the theme will do. These are some of my favorites. Choose activities based on your congregational demographics.

  • Scrabble/Bananagrams competition
  • Bible verse scramble relay
  • Guess the Book: Lay out 5 cards with Bible book names. Read a verse from one of the five books, and allow participants to guess which book the verse comes from. Award points for correct answers. Add or subtract cards based on desired difficulty level.
  • Bible trivia
  • Word Link (find instructions here)
  • Charades

Lesson planning tips:

  • As always, remember the attention span and cognitive ability of your group. You don't want to be too juvenile for your older listeners, but you don't want to talk over the heads of the youngest listeners, either.
  • As with the previous two events, it should be led by a theologically trained teacher such as the pastor or a commissioned staff member.
  • Potential source texts include:
    • 2 Timothy 3:14-17
    • Romans 10:14-17
    • Matthew 4:1-11

Small group discussion:

  • Separate by demographics such as
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Family
    • Random assignment
  • Assign a mature, trained leader to each group. Consider having a small group leader training session prior to this event to ensure leaders are prepared for questions that may arise.
  • Provide each group with a list of questions based on the lesson. Possible questions include:
    • Who wrote the Bible?
    • What does it mean that the words of the Bible are a "means of grace"?
    • What does it mean that we find Law and Gospel in the Bible?
    • What is the Bible good for?

Keep in mind:
  • Small children may not be as engaged in this topic as with the previous ones, particularly if they are not able to read. Consider having a nursery/childcare option for families with small children, or use games that will be more effective for younger, non-literate participants (such as charades and Pictionary).
Sample schedule 1:
2:00 Welcome. Detail schedule, process, and any rules or announcements. Pray.
2:10 Charades
2:45 Bible trivia
3:15 Lesson
3:30 Small group discussion
4:00 Close

Sample schedule 2:
2:00 Welcome. Detail schedule, process, and any rules or announcements. Pray.
2:10 Word Link
2:30 Bible scramble relay
2:45 Bananagrams tournament
3:15 Lesson
3:30 Small group discussion
4:00 Close

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